Free Coupons by Writing

Every household want to make savings in almost everything they buy particularly groceries which make up the large percentage of a household’s budget. Obtaining free coupons is one way of making savings in groceries which can be found in various means like in magazine and newspaper inserts on through online. Aside from this, you can also obtain free coupons by mail through writing to the product manufacturers.

A lot of consumers are not aware that by writing positive or constructive comments and suggestions to the product manufacturer, they can be rewarded with certain incentive like free coupons. There are those who taught that comments just end up hanging in the air and if there is any response given, it is usually generic and automated. 

The truth of the matter is that product manufacturers and grocery stores selling them take the comments, whether they are positive or complaints from their customers, which are sent either by regular mail or through e-mails. They actually need these comments to find out if there are still improvements they need to carry out for their products or services for customer satisfaction. Most of the times, customers writing such comments are rewarded with free coupons by mail for their effort in helping the company achieve the highest quality of their products.

There are people who got lucky to receive free grocery coupons by writing comments to the store or manufacturers even without mentioning any request for free coupons. You can try writing several companies with the products that you use in regular basis like shampoo, lotion, canned goods, milk and others. Write the companies of different brands and at least one of them will surely reward your effort with free coupons.