Methods to Receive Free Coupons in the Mail

There are also other methods on how consumers can ask manufacturers and companies to send them coupons by mailing them in their addresses.

• Look for the contact information of the company in the packaging of the product that you want to get free coupons for. If you contact that certain company and inquire about a specific product, the manufacturer will send you coupons for that item. If you are lucky, they might send you free coupons by mail on their other new products as well.

• Praise the company in the mail that you will send them. Companies will most likely send a coupon as a token of your loyalty to their brand.

• Giving a specific complaint about an item or giving suggestion will also be honored. These manufacturers will also say thank you by giving your feedback for the improvement of their products. They may also send you free coupons as a reimbursement and a thank you gesture for your comment.