Praises or Complaints

Are you one of the breadwinners in the family? Have you ever tried to find a way on how to reduce your monthly bills? If so, you are lucky enough to have come to this place. Aside from electricity, telephone, internet and water bills, grocery expenses that you need to shoulder can also deduct so much from your monthly income and savings. There are lots of grocery items that you should purchase to meet the needs and wants of your family. The good news is that free coupons by mail are available to help you cut down on your grocery bills.

Did you know that you can use either your complaint or praise about a product to obtain free coupons from a certain manufacturer or store? For instance, you bought a pair shoes from a department store and after a few days of wearing it, the heel of the shoe unexpectedly detached. In that case, you can look at the packaging of the shoes and find any information about the manufacturer. You may see contact information about the company like website or customer hotline.

When already logged on to the company’s website, look for the ‘contact us’ feature. Express your disappointment by writing a nice complaint to them. Be sure that you secure the packaging of the product, since the company may ask you for some product information for identification purposes. You may demand or ask for free coupons by mail from them, in exchange of your honest opinions about their products. In these cases, companies mostly provide coupons. However, if you want to express your feelings verbally, you can contact the company’s customer representative by phone call using the toll-free hotline specified on the packaging of their product.