Signing Up for Free Coupons

There are a lot of shoppers who actually use coupons when they go to the stores to buy different types of things especially grocery items. Coupons can actually serve as cash stubs because they can give you a certain amount of discount when you purchase an items indicated or printed on that small sheet of paper. Most people grab their coupons through newspaper inserts and those that they can cut out from a magazine. But one method of getting coupons is actually through your mail. A lot of smart shoppers also get some of their free coupons by mail. You may not hear this often because you really do not expect companies to send you coupons in your mail. But there are certain ways on how you can ask these manufacturers to give you some great discounts on their own products. If you know how to get these coupons in your mail, then you will surely enjoy the savings that you get when you go shopping.

One of the most effective ways to get your free coupons by mail straight from the companies and manufacturers is through signing up in their regular newsletters.

• When you buy a certain product, you will find their email address or their webpage at the back of the packaging. If you want to receive free coupons, you can actually send them an email and tell them about your experience with their product. These companies value their customers very much and they will reply promptly. Include your mailing address so that they can send you some coupons.

• You can also subscribe to their newsletters through clicking the signup button on their page and adding your email address. There will be instances wherein they will send printable versions of coupons in your email too.