Trading Coupons with Fellow Shoppers

While several people are in need and search of some free grocery coupons, others have obtained too many coupons. These people are those who do not use the coupons that they get every week; this attitude leads them to having plenty of leftovers.

You can reach them through online forums available in some websites. These forums are entirely dedicated to avid shoppers who want to trade coupons with each other. Each member of a particular forum lists down all their own coupons in the database. You can search for the coupons that you want or need. Once you have found such coupons, contact the owner by sending him a private message and showing your interest in his coupons. In turn, that person will look through your posted coupons and if he finds interesting ones, the two of you can trade those coupons. You may agree to send your coupons to one another by mail.